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  • How to make good quality egg incubator

    1. Before answearing the question , we must know the key point for hatching eggs is uniform temperature, notice : key point is UNIFORM , it is the most important condition.

    Reason: just uniform temperature can let sensors to check out exactly temperature for egg incubator inside , just uniform temperature let most eggs under exactly temperature ,otherwise some eggs can not hatch out chick.

    How to make uniform temperature ? Enough power watts circulation fan and reasonable design , Strong fan stir air to make uniform temperature , if incubator egg trays are more than 4 layers , hot wind can not go through from top

    that is the reason why 440 and 880 eggs incubator has bad hatching result , now we have abandoned those two models . 528 eggs incubator use 3 layers tray and two lines,so it has very good hatching result . from 1056 eggs incubator

    we use BIG ceiling circulation fan to blew from back side , strong wind can blew every layer tray from back . although increase some cost , but it is worth. returned customer has proved it .by the way , Goose eggs shell is think , it need

    more wet to be soft,too hard shell let small goose can not get out .

    Conclusion: Big power circulation fan and reasonable design are important condition for hatching eggs ,on the other side , Big power watts fan is strong to resist unstable electricity voltage in some developing country.

    2. Big size incubator has enough space to let air circular flow , but size is not so bigger so better , this type industrial incubator capacity can not more than 33792 eggs , 33792 is the limitation for hatching chicken eggs , many

    year practice has prove that ceiling fan can not give enough uniform temperature air when capacity more than 6 rooms 33792 eggs incubator .

    3. Incubator parts should be old brand , quality and stability have been proved in many years , price usually is expensive a little , but cheap one must lower quality to keep price lower .

    4. Incubator shelf use think angle iron , incubator will be strong, so heavy incubator usually has long life.reproduced please indicate the source :

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