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summary: Turkey hatchery technology First, the incubation conditions (A) Temperature Temperature is the most important conditions of turkey hatching conditions, due to fire eggs in the fat content and heat production were higher than eggs, so in ful

Turkey hatchery technology

First, the incubation conditions

   (A) Temperature

   Temperature is the most important conditions of turkey hatching conditions, due to fire eggs in the fat content and heat production were higher than eggs, so in full view, the incubation temperature should be slightly lower than the egg, and the temperature should vary with the growth of embryonic age reduced. Generally can be divided into variable-temperature turkey incubation temperature hatching and hatching.

    1, variable temperature incubator: for hatching eggs in bulk mode, all in all out. Pre-incubation temperature is slightly higher in the future growth and development of embryos with self-heating, the temperature of incubation to gradually reduce and prevent overheating in the late.

2, incubation temperature: for the way incubating eggs in batches.

   (B) humidity

   Fire eggs hatch during the required humidity in the relatively stable, suitable incubation period is 50% humidity - 60% humidity inside the hatching is 65% - 75%. For high temperatures and low humidity have an impact on embryonic development, we must prevent the high temperature and humidity. Low humidity and evaporation of water inside the egg more easily lead to embryos and eggshell membrane adhesion, young turkey dehydration; humidity is too large, young turkey belly, navel healing well. Incubation requirements for indoor humidity 75%.

    (C) ventilation

   Embryo during development, in addition to the first few days must be continuous gas exchange with the outside world, and with increasing gestational age strengthened. Especially in the late embryo allantoic respiration to breathe into the lungs, the oxygen requirement is even greater. Hatching and early embryonic death than poor ventilation has an important relationship.

     Ventilation and temperature and humidity are closely related, well-ventilated, low temperature, and humidity on the small, poor ventilation and humidity on the large, air temperature and humidity over is difficult to guarantee. Relationship between ventilation and cooling embryo great, especially the latter part of incubation, embryonic development is more vigorous, more heat. If the heat does not come loose, it will seriously hinder the normal development of embryos, and even death. Therefore, the average temperature inside the incubator fan, not only for the embryos of oxygen, carbon dioxide, but also allows the incubator temperature to disperse the heat evenly. Indoor ventilation hatch is also a problem can not be ignored, should be equipped with ventilation equipment.

   (D) egg

The main purpose of egg embryos change position, to prevent the embryo adhesion, promote amnion movement. Manual or mechanical egg less than Baowo turkey, turkey egg for the purpose of Baowo also regulate the temperature inside and outside the embryo egg. Artificial egg every 2 hours, turn the eggs every 90 degrees.

(E) cold eggs

Turkey eggs hatch late, due to its rapid increase in temperature, when the growth speed should pay attention to cold eggs, cold in the summer should pay attention to the egg. Cold eggs can stimulate embryo development to adjust the speed. Method is: Open the incubator, the introduction of trolleys 2 / 3, until the egg surface temperature dropped to 33 ℃, it can continue to push into the hatch.

Cold egg incubation program is not required, should be based on embryo development. Days of incubation, incubation temperature and the specific circumstances of flexibility, performance, etc..

Second, the incubation technique in several

Hatching technique, some aspects of the instrument control, just ahead of correction, such as temperature and humidity control, the timing of egg-turning operation, some operate large and detailed.

(A) Egg

    Egg in the dark with lights for, according to the egg when steady, accurate, fast, try to shorten the time, outdoor temperature conditions should improve, and strive to be completed within half an hour, according to the egg incubation period is generally the work carried out 2-- three times. According to the egg by the sperm-free eggs (white eggs), weak sperm eggs or dead embryo egg (blood protein) promptly picked conducive to maintaining good air conditions conducive to embryonic development.

(B) off the plate

  Egg hatching to 25 days, will go live births egg hatching process is called off the disk inside. Light off the plate when the action to prevent the shell broken, but also improve the outdoor temperature conditions. Disinfected prior to hatching and temperature, the eggs will not turn off the after-hours eggs. Turkey eggs off the set time can Dazui the case may be, 1% -2% of the eggs to fall on the plate Dazui.

(C) egg cream

  Off the plate after 12 hours, every 6 hours leaching time, temperature about 40 ℃, aerosol spray can.

(D) with disinfection and hatching young

   To 26 half days in the incubator for the first child before picking, fumigation with formaldehyde, the method is: 20 ml of formaldehyde per cubic meter of heated water 40 ml, placed in incubators at the bottom, so naturally volatile. The first child to pick out once every 4 hours after, the contraction of umbilical well have dry hair picking out young turkeys, while the protruding umbilical swelling, red light, the hair quit weak child, being left to be next time you pick it up.

(E) cleaning disinfection

  Hatching is completed, the first fish out dead embryos (eggs, wool) into the registration table, and then hatching, hatching room thoroughly washed, cleaning disinfection.

Third, incubation of the embryos death analysis

(A) early death (1-7 days)

   Kinds of turkey nutrition and poor health, mainly a lack of vitamin a and b2, egg storage time is too long, or cold storage temperature is too high; eggs fumigated over; egg transportation to shock, incubation temperature is too high.

(B) medium-term mortality (8-20 days)

 Kinds of turkey nutrition and poor health, such as a lack of vitamin b mortality peak in the medium term, poor ventilation, egg turning and inappropriate.

(C) the post-death (21-25 days)

   Kinds of turkey nutrition is poor, manganese, vitamin e, b12 deficiency, a small chamber, humidity, poor ventilation, over-temperature or other causes.

 (D) suffocated in the shell

  Hatching through the high temperature and humidity, poor ventilation, abnormal fetal position, yolk sac rupture, paralysis of legs, neck weakness and so on.

 (E) died after pecking the shell

   If the hole more mucus, Department of ,26-27 days high temperature and humidity, poor ventilation, head up the hatching, the first two weekends turn the eggs, place orders when the temperature dips.

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