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48-55 eggs Mini egg incubator

Home use Mini egg incubator_mini incubator XCH-X 60 chicken eggs incubator

60 eggs incubator dual power

Model XCH-60
Power 60-80W
Voltage  DC 12V & AC 220V
Eggs type  suiti  any type eggs 
Capacity  Chicken 56-60 eggs
Duck 40 eggs
Goose 30 eggs
Peigon 90 eggs
Size 52*37*25CM 6KG

incubator controller panel



1 Automatic egg turning
2 Special egg tray  for every kinds egg
3 DC 12V and AC 180-240V dual power
4 Temperture control and  humidity display

Performance parameters of the incubator
1. 1.Range of temperature display: 0~99℃
2.Precision of temperature measurement: ±0.1℃
3.Range of humidity display: 0~99﹪RH
4.Precision of humidity control:±3%RH
5.Output channels: 2 channels:AC 220V electric heater/DC 12V electric heater.
6.Output cuurent:3A
7.Machine power: 220V operating power<80W,12v operating power<50W.
Working conditions:
1.Working voltage: AC 180V ~240V; Frequency 50Hz  or DC 12V.
2.Relative humidity: less than 85%
3. Environment temperature: 0℃~40℃





Thank you for choosing this series incubator, this series incubator stable performance, high reliability,
using the latest
type of microprocessor and electrical element. Imported microcomputer chip, high interference rejection,
high working stability, using imported ultra-precision sensor, high
acquisition accuracy,wide test range.
It ensure the properties of products are stability and reliability. Generous and fashion appearance,
one –piece injection molding technology, corrosion resistant, aging resistant. It is high function and convenient home-using micro incubator.

2.Performance parameters of the incubator

1. 1.Range of temperature display: 0~99°C

2.Precision of temperature measurement: ±0.1°C

3.Range of humidity display: 0~99%RH

4.Precision of humidity control:±3%RH

5.Output channels: 2 channels(AC 220V electric heater/DC 12V electric heater)

6.Output cuurent:3A

7.Machine power: 220V operating power<80W,12v operating power<50W.

3,Working conditions:

1.Working voltage: AC 180V ~240V; Frequency 50Hz or DC 12V.

3. Environment temperature: 0°C~40°C

4,Components and function

5.Temperature setting method


Press SET button(short press) under normal working status,humidity window show code PP, blink on on the window show the temperature valve under current setting,pres “+”button or “-”button to adjust temperature to using one. After finish setting, press “SETTING” button exit or no operation on button more than 10s, the system can automatic exit and changed parameter can be auto-saved.



6.Eliminate Alarming


When the incubator alarming, press “–”button, the alarming sound disappear, if the alarming light is still on, Press “–”button again, alarming sound recover.

7.Open illuminate method


(1) Automatic illuminate function: press LIGHT button(short press),it can realise open/close illuminate function,and if nobody operation,it can automatic close after LED light on 5 minutes.

(2) Constraint illuminate function: Long press LIGHT press for 3s (long press),it can realize open/close illuminate function, and if nobody operation, the LED light will on for long time and repetitive operation once can close.

8.Restore Factory Setting method

Press “+” and “- ” meanwhile for more than 5s (long press) under the normal working status,buzzer call a sound , after the screen show “DAY. DAY. DAY DAY .DAY ”restore normal working status, all the paramater will restore factory defaults---temperature value is 37.8°C and incubation days will restore to 1 day.


9,Checking and correction incubation days method

(1) Query incubation days method: long press SET button more than 3s,and the screen show code P1 and then press SET button,switch code to F3 option,the value of number on show is current incubation days.

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